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Stories of life in an institution
and the voices that closed them

I Worked in an Institution


Debbie began her career working in the village at Prince Edward Heights. After it closed, she transferred to the Behavioural Unit at Rideau Regional Centre. Debbie likened ward life to military rule and witnessed the many downfalls of providing care to large numbers of people. Debbie also felt that the transition of individuals into the community could have been done much better. Read Debbie's story here.


Chris liked institutions and felt they had their time and place. Working at both Rideau Regional Centre and Prince Edward Heights, she always treated people with patience and consistency. Learning from Wolf Wolfensberger, Chris feels that the quality of life for individuals is better in the community but integration and inclusion still vary from agency to agency. Read Chris' story here.

Caroline Yates

Caroline spent most of her career as a Developmental Services Worker at Prince Edward Heights in Picton. She shares her experiences of witnessing abuse, and the repercussions of formally reporting it. Read Caroline's story here.