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Stories of life in an institution
and the voices that closed them

I Didn't Live In An Institution


Despite the advice of CAS, Ruthann's parents refused to place her in an institution. Ruthann's story is one of determined effort to create a successful life of her own choosing. Read Ruthann's story here.


Ron's parents were determined to never have him placed in an institution. In a time when community supports were minimal, Ron found the help he needed to create a fulfilling life for himself. Read Ron's story here.

Patricia "Teedie" Hamilton

Teedie was born in 1924 with severe spastic cerebral palsy. Contrary to societal norms, her parents never once considered placing Teedie in an institution. She lived most of her life as a valued member of her rural community, even serving as the president of the Westport Catholic Women's League. Today, Teedie is the oldest living person in Canada with cerebral palsy. Read Teedie's story here.