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Stories of life in an institution
and the voices that closed them

I Helped People to Leave an Institution

Marilyn Lamb

Marilyn began her career in 1966, as a staff of the Adult Occupational Centre in Edgar. With the people she supported always at the forefront, Marilyn promoted a person centred approach until her retirement as the Executive Director of Pathways to Independence. She also offers her thoughts on directions for the future. Read Marilyn's story here

Karen Metcalfe

Karen began her career in social work at Prince Edward Heights. As a planner she was not only a caring advocate for individuals and their families, but a sympathetic supporter to the staff she had worked with as well. Read Karen's story here. 

Alan McWhorter

After Alan witnessed the shocking conditions in Partlow State School and Hospital, an institution in Alabama, he said, “whatever I do, do not work in an institution!”  He moved to Ontario and spent most of his career as a champion in the repatriation of individuals into the community. Read Alan's story here.

Nancy Wallace-Gero

Nancy begins her story with the successes of her siblings who were not institutionalized despite the urging of CAS (see also "I did not live in an institution"). She recounts a career, filled with passion and drive, as a champion in the successful repatriation of individuals into the community. Read Nancy's story here.

Gary Warren

Another life long champion in the closure of institutions, Gary continues the movement by asking important questions that are still relevant today.  Gary states, “40 years to change a system. And we are only part way there.” Read Gary's story here.