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Stories of life in an institution
and the voices that closed them

My Family Member Lived in an Institution

Sandie Hutchinson

After exhausting all resources in the community, Sandie eventually moved her son Kevin into Southwestern Regional Centre. As a result, his mental health declined, so she worked tirelessly with Community Living Essex County to create a place for Kevin in the community. Read Sandie's story here.

Deborah Burns

Deborah's daughter Nicola moved to Rideau Regional at the age of 5. Five years later she moved to Prince Edward Heights in Picton, where she experienced several incidents of abuse. Deborah says moving to the community has been like night and day for Nickie. Read Deborah's story here.

Leeanne Hinch

After the age of 7, Leeanne’s brother Warren spent time living at both Rideau Regional Centre and Prince Edward Heights. Warren’s parents continuously struggled with his living conditions as his experiences at both institutions were filled with severe trauma and abuse. Read their story here. 

Marilyn Johnson

Marilyn's daughter Tammy spent time living at both Rideau Regional Centre and Prince Edward Heights. Marilyn was always happy with the care Tammy received. Read Marilyn's story here.

Elisabeth Goewie

Elisabeth has always been a strong advocate for the support that her son Glenn has received throughout his life. She has also refused to speak out against the institutions that provided the support with which she was always satisfied. She feels that Glenn was best supported while he lived in an institution. Read Elisabeth's story here.